Sustainability Platform

The inclusion of sustainability among Marfrig's strategic pillars has been translated into a series of concrete actions adopted by all company operations and throughout the production chain. These practices, which are reflected in differentiated products for clients and consumers, are divided into five strategic axes managed with clear targets whose results are monitored through specific indicators.

Marfrig Sustainability Platform

1. Origin Control: management of the origin of raw material, based on criteria related to the conservation of biomes and biodiversity, as well as good production chain practices, including working conditions - also covers strict quality control and food safety standards, obtained through processes and procedures that forsake the use of antibiotics, hormones and controversial substances in handling of raw materials and production.

2. Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: continuous improvement in the efficiency of processes to minimize the impact of operations on climate change.

3. Animal Welfare: respect for the principles of animal welfare in line with recommendations by the World Animal Protection organization and upholding the strictest international standards for humanitarian slaughtering practices.

4. Use of Natural Resources: conscientious consumption of water and energy in production processes, in addition to the use of alternatives  for energy generation from clean and renewable sources;  also includes a specific policy for the purchase of forest products in accordance with a Forestry Procurement Policy.

5. Effluents and Waste: environmentally responsible conduct in the treatment, management and disposal of these by-products. 

Sustainability Platform and the SDGs

The actions and initiatives developed by the Sustainability Platform are related to ten of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in the UN's 2030 Agenda. Hence, they contribute to the goals established by the initiative.

Marfrig Sustainability Platform