Control of Origin

To ensure reliable and superior quality products to clients and consumers, Marfrig adopts social and environmental criteria when purchasing raw materials. Marfrig is the first company in the industry to adopt geo-monitoring, via satellite, of   supplier ranches, and the only one in Brazil. Since 2014, Marfrig has maintained the mark of 100% georeferenced maps of its suppliers in the Amazon Biome. The monitoring has been expanded to the Cerrado Biome. Since 2019, the company has been inserting maps of farms located in these areas into the system, which will contribute to the fight against deforestation in these regions as well. Here is how the company is pledged to uphold its purchasing practice commitments:

  • Zero deforestation in the Amazon Biome. Trade relations maintained only with suppliers without deforestation problems, outside of areas restricted for conservation or indigenous lands.
  • Respect for human rights, repudiating the use of slave and child labor in the supply chain; the criterion of not buying animals from suppliers who do not comply with this principle, adopted since 2005. 

In line with efforts to combat deforestation and to contribute to the conservation of biomes, Marfrig is also attentive to other supply chains, such as soybeans.  Marfrig supports the soybean moratorium, an initiative that has achieved significant results in controlling deforestation. It also seeks to identify and quantify producers who use soybean meal in animal feed. The monitoring operation is being expanded and will be reported in the 2020 CDP Florestas cycle.