Marfrig is the pioneering company in the industry, with a department dedicated exclusively to animal welfare. Created in 2006, it is multidisciplinary by design. It joins up highly qualified zoo technicians and veterinarians, and is responsible for developing strategies and implementing management improvements. Furthermore, in addition to the structure offering appropriate treatment to animals, it follows the requirements foreseen in national and international legislation, customer protocols and the company's own voluntary actions. The team also monitors the evolution of animal welfare and monitoring data, committees, decision-making and training assignments related to the topic.

Coverage of the three main segments of the value chain:

Coverage of the three main segments of the value chain  

The decisions and strategies adopted to manage the  value chain are based  on the company‚Äôs  Animal Welfare Policy.  The pre-slaughter and slaughter handling stages cover three main segments of the value chain: rural properties, transport, and industrial operations. In this context, the company is committed to encouraging producers and transporters to develop practices in line with the best animal welfare standards, and to maintain strict routines related to the theme in its operational units.