Gourmet line of beef and lamb cuts with a combination of attributes that satisfy the most demanding palates. Features whole cuts, portions and steaks, either chilled or frozen, for day-to-day meals, cookouts or special recipes.
Bassi Wagyu
Wagyu breed beef cuts are known for their intense marbling, which imparts exceptional tenderness and flavor. The line brings the secret of restaurants to your kitchen table.
Bassi Lamb from Patagonia
The highly regarded brand Bassi brings to the market its new line of lamb cuts raised in Patagonia, Chile. One of the most prized meats, it is tender, succulent and highly nutritious
Marfrig Steakhouse
Premium line of beef cuts from the Hereford and Angus breeds recognized for its tenderness, succulence and exceptional flavor. Marfrig’s new premium line was developed to make available to consumers the same products served at top steakhouses to ensure your home cookout is the best it can be.
Montana Premium Beef
Line of special cuts for grilling with exceptional succulence, tenderness and flavor. The products follow the rigorous quality standards of Marfrig Beef, which includes accompaniment from raising to supermarket coolers to ensure the very best cookouts.
Montana Dia a Dia
The line was created especially for those preparing daily meals who want the same exceptional quality and flavor to please the most demanding palates.
High-quality beef line exported to leading markets.
Bassi Stars
Line created especially to meet the needs of the food service industry with Bassi brand products. It features key beef cuts of super-premium quality for fine dining establishments that want to offer the very best to their customers. Bassi Stars has the attributes to satisfy the most demanding palates.
Marfrig Profissional
Beef cut line developed for superior yield and portioning for forging partnerships with professional clients.
Premium line of canned foods made from cuts from Brazil’s South to meet fine-dining needs in North America and Europe.
Premium line of canned foods made from cuts from Brazil’s South to meet fine-dining needs in North America and Europe.
Bona Pet
Line of natural chew bones, rawhide, cartilage and premium high-protein treats for dogs. The products are made from nutritious, high-quality ingredients that are certified by Brazilian authorities (Federal Inspection Service - SIF). The products are made in accordance with the same standards for processing foods for human consumption.