Health and Safety

The safety of workers is the first priority at all units, which feature efficient technologies for mitigating risks and creating a workplace with the capacity to protect all employees.

In Brazil, the topic is reinforced through the Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines Program (PDSSTC), which works to ensure a safe workplace that complies with all legislation and technical standards to uphold the principles that guide all of the Company’s operations. To support this effort, Marfrig Beef has Internal Accident Prevention Commissions (CIPA), Occupational Safety and Medicine Engineering Services (SESMT) an Occupational Safety and Health Committee and an Ergonomic Committee.

Various initiatives are also conducted to raise awareness among employees on topics of importance to their health. These include the Ergonomic Management program, which offers guidance on the best posture to adopt at work; the Expecting Mothers Program, which provides women’s health information during pregnancy and infant care; and various other social actions to support our more than 18,000 employees.