Marfrig in Brazil has 12 units and daily primary processing capacity of approximately 13,000 head, with total annual beef patty production capacity of 69,000 tons.

Marfrig exports its products to major consumer markets, taking high-quality beef to families around the world. Of its Brazilian plants, seven are authorized to export to China, which is one of the world’s markets with the strongest demand.

In the domestic market, Marfrig owns highly recognized brands, such as Bassi and Montana. In Brazil, the company’s operations are concentrated in the retail and foodservice channels, with a vast network of clients that includes major steakhouses, restaurants and fast-food chains.

Várzea Grande, Mato Grosso


Alegrete (RS): inaugurated in 2011, the unit has beef processing operations.

Bagé (RS): inaugurated in 2010, the plant unit makes beef products.

Bataguassu (MS): inaugurated in 2000, the plant produces fresh beef and products from the Bassi line.

Chupinguaia (RO): inaugurated in 2004, the unit processes chilled and frozen beef, beef offal, natural salted casings, fresh skins and frozen fat.

Itupeva (SP): inaugurated in 2014, this unit has administrative offices and a plant that makes beef pet treats, portioned beef products and jerked beef.

Ji-Paraná (RO): inaugurated in 2017, this plant makes further-processed beef products.

Mineiros (GO): inaugurated in 2007, this unit produces beef products for the angus line of the Montana and Bassi brands.

Pampeano (RS): Marfrig’s first started operating this plant in 2008, which makes further processed products from beef, poultry, pork and lamb, including canned beef, beef jerky and beef extract.

Pontes e Lacerda (MT): inaugurated in 2018, this unit processes beef.

Promissão (SP): inaugurated in 2002, this plant produces chilled beef, beef offal, portioned products, carpaccio, ground beef, frozen cooked beef and other products.

São Gabriel (RS): inaugurated in 2007, this unit processes beef offal and other beef products.

Tangará (MT): inaugurated in 2003, the unit produces beef offal and other beef products.

Várzea Grande (MT): Marfrig first started operating the unit 2019, with the production of beef patties, portioned products and frozen cooked beef.






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