Marfrig’s operation in Argentina is the country’s leader in the production and sales of beef and processed beef products. It has four plants with annual production capacity of over 39,000 tons of beef patties and over 30,000 tons of other processed foods, such as hot dogs and cold cuts.

The brands La Morocha, Quickfood, Good Beef and Gaucho Beef are recognized for producing some of the world’s highest quality beef.

Marfrig in Argentina has leading brands not just in beef, but also in processed products such as Paty, a brand synonymous with beef patties, and Vienissima!, the leading hot dog brand.


Arroyo Secco: produces frozen vegetables, with annual capacity of 7,600 tons

San Jorge: processes beef patties, with annual capacity of 154,000 tons

Villa Mercedes: with primary processing capacity of 750 head/day, it produces fresh beef

Baradero: produces annually over 20,000 tons of hot dogs and 5,000 tons of ham

Main products and brands

Fresh beef

  • La Morocha: certified line of premium beef cuts
  • Gaucho’s Beef: beef cuts
  • Good Beef: beef cuts
  • Quickfood: beef cuts with a long history in the market.

Beef patties

  • Paty: market leader for 60 years and synonymous with the category
  • Good Mark: premium beef patties
  • Barfy: line of beef patties

Hot dogs

  • Vienissima!: leading hot dog brand


  • Green Life: line of frozen vegetables