Early 2000s

  • Marfrig starts operating further processing units in Brazil: Bataguassu (MS), Promissão (SP), Paranatinga (MT) and Tangará da Serra (MT). A few years later, it launches export operations.


  • Marfrig becomes a signatory to the National Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor, which led to the creation of an institute bearing the same name, to which Marfrig is associated with to promote dignified working conditions throughout the entire production chain.


  • In Brazil, Marfrig starts operating further processing units in Mineiros (GO), Chupinguaia (RO), São Gabriel (RS) and Porto Murtinho (MS), in addition to another unit in Promissão (SP) and the brand Pampeano. It also expands its operations to other countries in Latin America, with the acquisition of Frigorífico Tacuarembó S.A., Inaler S.A. and Frigorífico La Caballada in Uruguay; of Frigorífico Patagônia S.A. and Quinto Cuarto S.A. in Chile; and of Breeders and Packers, Mirab S.A. and the beef patty brand Paty in Argentina.


  • Marfrig becomes the world's first food company to undertake a public commitment with Greenpeace to source only legally produced cattle and to combat deforestation in the Amazon biome. It also starts operating another 13 units, which expands its processing capacity by up to 8,800 head of cattle a day, and its manufacturing capacity by approximately 1,700 tons of food products per month.


  • Marfrig acquires a feedlot unit in Uruguay to meet the constant demand and to strengthen all links in the country's production chain.


  • Creation of Marfrig Beef, a division that concentrates the beef and lamb operations in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.


  • The plant in Tangará da Serra (MT) becomes the first beef processing unit in Brazil to receive the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, which attests to the sourcing of cattle in conformity with standards that promote environmental conservation and uphold human rights.
  • Uruguay becomes the first country in South America to sell High Quality Beef to the European Union in accordance with EU Regulation 481.


  • Launch of the world's first beef to carry the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM seal. In the same year, Marfrig announces a partnership with the NGO The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Walmart to promote sustainable cattle production in the cities of São Félix do Xingu and Tucumã in southeastern Pará state.


  • The Pampeano plant in Hulha Negra (RS) is awarded a certification Grade A+ by BRC Global Standards, the first food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


  • Marfrig Beef and the NGO Alianza del Pastizal launch a seal to recognize rural properties that conserve native fields in the South American Pampa biome.
  • Marfrig Uruguay launches exports to the United States of products with the Grass-Fed Beef seal and becomes the first company in Uruguay to be certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


  • Marfrig becomes the first Brazilian company to export fresh beef to the United States.