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  • Focused on growth, Marfrig begins to operate a beef processing unit in Bataguassu (MS) and, in the following years, operates others in Promissão (SP) and Paranatinga (MT), all acquired later. In the same period, it also acquired the Tangará da Serra (MT) unit and began export activities through the GJ brand, recognized today for the quality of services it provides.

  • The company continues to grow, acquiring beef processing units in Mineiros (GO), Chupinguaia (RO), São Gabriel (RS) and Porto Murtinho (RS), in addition to another unit in Promissão (SP). It also begins to operate in other Latin American countries through acquisitions of Breeders and Packers in Argentina, of Frigorífico Tacuarembó S.A. and Inaler S.A. in Uruguay, and of 50% of Quinto Cuarto S.A. in Chile.

  • In Brazil, Marfrig acquires the Kilo Certo and Pampeano brands. It becomes part of the BM&FBOVESPA Novo Mercado and starts pork processing and processed pork foods operations by acquiring Frigorífico Mabella Ltda. Abroad, the company finalizes acquisition of Quinto Cuarto S.A. and acquires Frigorífico Patagônia S.A. in Chile, Mirab S.A. in Argentina and Frigorífico La Caballada in Uruguay, in addition to incorporating Quickfood S.A., a company holding the Paty brand, a leader in hamburgers in the Argentinean market.

  • The company starts operations in the poultry segment with acquisition of the Moinhos Cruzeiro do Sul Ltda. and DaGranja Agroindustrial Ltda. companies, holders of the Pena Branca and Chikenitos brands, respectively. It also acquires Carroll's Food do Brasil – specialized in pig farming and sales - and CDB Meats – importing and distributing food in the United Kingdom, in addition to the operations of North American group OSI in Brazil, Northern Ireland, England, France and the Netherlands, which includes acquisition of Moy Park, Northern Ireland's largest company, with products sold across Europe.

  • Marfrig makes a public commitment to Greenpeace to guarantee the purchase of legal cattle and combat deforestation in the Amazon biome, making it the world's first food company to sign this kind of commitment. The company also begins to operate a beef processing unit in Pelotas (RS) and 12 units with a capacity to process up to 8,800 head of cattle daily and manufacture around 1,700 tons of processed products per month. That same year the company takes over a 51% stake in Grupo Zenda – a company specializing in auto, airplane and upholstery industry leathers – and acquires the turkey meat operations of Doux-Frangosul along with all of the Brazilian animal protein units of Cargill Inc., represented by Seara Alimentos Ltda. and by affiliates in Europe and Asia.

  • The company acquires the O'Kane Poultry company, with turkey and chicken operations, and Keystone Foods, working with production, sale and distribution of meat-based foods; this is one of the largest international food suppliers for restaurant and fast food service chains. As a result of the quality of its operations, Marfrig receives the Outstanding Supplier Award for the Decade of 2010 from the Outback restaurant chain and is recognized as the Best Agribusiness Company and the Best Beef Company by EXAME magazine, in its Biggest & Best edition.

  • Marfrig becomes the first Brazilian company to export pork products to China through two joint ventures: one with COFCO – geared towards logistics and distribution of foods – and another with Chinwhiz Poultry Vertical Integration – focusing on poultry production. It also creates Marfrig Beef, a segment that joins the beef and lamb operations in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and is recognized, for the second time, as the Best Beef Company by EXAME magazine, in its Biggest & Best edition. That same year, the company executes its first global greenhouse gases inventory.

  • The company creates Seara Foods, a business segment that joins the poultry, pork and prepared and processed foods operations. It also incorporates 10 new industrial plants, 8 distribution centers and 13 Brasil Foods (BRF) brands. In Tangará da Serra (MT), the Marfrig unit becomes the world's first meat processing plant to receive the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, guaranteeing that all ingredients used come from farms that follow environmental conservation standards and standards respecting workers, local communities and animal welfare rules. That same year, with the sale of the specialized logistics operation services, Marfrig directs the Keystone Foods business towards production, manufacturing and sale of protein-based foods.

  • As a result of reviews of strategies and projections, the company reinforces the focus on its beef and food service activities in Brazil. It therefore restructures capital with the sale of the Seara Brasil and Zenda companies and launches a new global visual identity. In partnership with Carrefour, Marfrig launches the first Rainforest Alliance Certified™ beef. That same year, it is named a Leader in the Packaged Foods & Meats Sector in the World in the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) 2012 Annual Report, considered the most complete study on the impact of production activities on tropical rainforests. The new Focus to Win organizational culture is started.

  • The company starts doing business under a new name – Marfrig Global Foods S.A. – and opens up spots in its first trainee program in order to recruit and train future executives. That same year, it receives Grade A+ certification from BRC Global Standards, the top standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Marfrig is the first Brazilian company to receive this certification, which attests that the company meets international quality, safety and operating standards, in addition to complying with legal obligations to supply protection for end consumers.

    Launch of the Marfrig+ Program, the country's first initiative to use sexed embryos of exceptional genetic quality on an industrial scale. In the same year, it receives the award Corporate Liability Management Exercise of 2014 from the magazine Latin Finance.

  • Marfrig Global Foods, strengthening its focus on the Food Service channel and capturing the growth opportunities defined in its strategic plan “Focus to Win,” divests the company Moy Park. In the same year, it is the winner of the Best Corporate Awards 2015 in the category Best Capital Markets Strategy – Brazil.

  • Marfrig acquired a controlling interest in National Beef, the fourth largest beef processor in the United States, and concluded the sale of Keystone Foods for US$2.4 billion.