Marfrig donates 15,000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer to Hospital de Amor

  • Donation is an initiative to prevent the spread of coronavirus at the hospital’s units

São Paulo, September 3, 2020 -  Marfrig will donate tomorrow (September 4) 15 thousand 500ml bottles of hand sanitizer to Hospital do Amor, a referral institution for cancer treatment and prevention, based in Barretos in upcountry São Paulo. This is the biggest donation of hand sanitizer made so far by the company, which has been distributing the product to NGOs, municipal governments and institutions ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out.  The hand sanitizer donated is entirely produced at the Marfrig unit in Promissão, São Paulo, whose production capacity is 10 tons/month.  

This donation is part of Marfrig's initiatives to combat the new coronavirus and support the communities where it operates. In the last five months, Marfrig has donated 100,000 rapid tests to the Brazilian government, 30,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to hospitals and charities, and 66 tons of food to socially vulnerable populations in Brazil and Uruguay.

Besides assisting society in combating Covid-19, Marfrig adopted a strict protocol of prevention at all its units. These measures include the physical distancing recommended by health authorities at the production lines and common areas, the mandatory use of PPE, leave for professionals with symptoms of Covid-19 and flu and those in risk groups, and the testing of     18,000 employees in its Brazilian operation.

Marfrig has been assisting the Hospital de Amor since 2017. In the last three years, the company has supplied all the necessary bovine protein required for daily consumption by 6,000 patients and their companions, who receive free treatment and support at the 12 units run by the hospital.