Marfrig announces plan for controlling its supply chain

  • The company’s targets and action plan will be announced on Thursday (23) during an online event for stakeholders around the world

São Paulo, July 21, 2020 -- Marfrig, the world’s largest beef patty producer and a leading producer in the global beef industry, will announce, on Thursday, July 23, its five-year plan with a vision through 2030 that it has been working on since last year in partnership with IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative. The plan is based on the principles of full traceability of the supply chain; on the urgent need to include producers in a sustainable production system; on a comprehensive effort to combat deforestation; and on full transparency so that society can accompany developments under the initiative.

The details of the commitment – the only undertaken jointly by animal protein companies in Brazil – will be shared with key stakeholders in an online event that will feature Marcos Molina, Marfrig’s founder and chairman of the board, and Miguel Gularte, CEO of the company’s South America Operation.

Paulo Pianez, Marfrig’s sustainability director, will announce the details of the action plan, which should extend through 2030 and include measures related to cattle traceability, fostering the inclusion of vulnerable communities and transparency in monitoring of the proposed targets.

Next, the initiative will be debated in a panel coordinated by Roberto Waak, a board member at Marfrig, and formed by Joost Oorthuizen, global CEO of the NGO IDH -- The Sustainable Trade Initiative; Maurício Voivodic, CEO of WWF Brasil; Daniel Azeredo, prosecutor at the Federal Prosecution Office (MPF); Maristela Miguel, rural producer and president of Instituto PCI and of Ecoarts; and Tasso Azevedo, general coordinator of Mapbiomas.

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Zero Deforestation | Traceability | Inclusion | Transparency
Date: July 23, Thursday
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Marcos Molina, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Marfrig
Miguel Gularte, CEO, Marfrig

Paulo Pianez, Sustainability and Communication Director, Marfrig

Joost Oorthuizen, CEO, IDH
Mauricio Voivodic, Director, WWF
Daniel Azeredo, Prosecutor, Federal Prosecution Office (MPF)
Maristela Miguel, Rural Producer and President of PCI
Tasso Azevedo, MapBiomas & SEEG

Roberto Waack, Board Member, Marfrig