Marfrig signs business commitment to sustainable development

  • Initiatives unites 38 major companies in the industrial, agricultural and services sectors
  • Marfrig is the only representative from Brazil’s beef industry 

São Paulo, July 8, 2020 – Marfrig, the world’s largest beef patty producer and second-largest beef producer, is a signatory to a public commitment launched today by companies in the industrial, agricultural and services sectors. The initiative was coordinated by the Brazilian Business Council on Sustainable Development (CEBDS), which also is a signatory to the commitment, which was lodged yesterday at the Palácio do Planalto in Brasília.

In the document entitled Comunicado do Setor Empresarial [Notice from the Business Sector], 38 CEOs from major companies make themselves available to the Amazonia Council (the federal agency with powers to propose and accompany regional public policy) to contribute to solutions that address the following fronts:

  • Combatting illegal deforestatio9n in Amazonia and Brazil’s other biomes
  • Economic and social inclusion of local communities to help ensure the preservation of forests
  • Reducing environmental impacts from the use of natural resources through efficiency and productivity gains in the economic activities associated with their use
  • Incorporating into the business strategy the valuing and conservation of biodiversity
  • Adopting mechanisms for trading carbon credits
  • Financing and investing in the development of a circular and low-carbon economy
  • Incentivizing the post-pandemic economic recovery based on a circular and low-carbon economy

 “The current scenario, with all its challenges, presents an unprecedented opportunity to give greater scale and visibility to good business practices,” said Marcos Molina, Marfrig’s founder and CEO, which signed the document on behalf of the company. "We must show that Brazil and its companies have total capacity to embrace a sustainable economy that fosters development without putting a risk our enormous environmental heritage.”

Marfrig is the only animal protein producer to sign the public commitment. Marfrig’s practices include banning the purchase of cattle from areas with illegal deforestation, indigenous reserves or environmental protection areas or from suppliers that adopt labor practices analogous to slavery. Constant investments in monitoring are made to support the company’s environmental policy. “We are dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our production,” said Molina. “We know that the perpetuity of our organization depends on it.”

The companies that are signatories to the document are: Agropalma, Alcoa, Amaggi, Bayer, Brasilagro, Cargill, Cosan, DSM, Ecolab, Eletrobras, ERM, Grupo Vamos, Iguá, Itaú, Jacto, JSL, Klabin, LVMH, Marfrig, Mauá Capital, Michelin, Microsoft, Movida, Natura, Rabobank, Santander, Schneider Electric, Shell, Siemens, Stawi, Suzano, Ticket Log, Tozzini Freire, Vale, Vedacit and Wework. The institutions that signed the commitment include the CEBDS, the Brazilian Agribusiness Association (Abag), the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Producers (Abiove) and the Brazilian Forestry Industry Association (Ibá).