Marfrig donates hand sanitizers to 27 organizations in six Brazilian states

In all, 26,500 bottles of 70% hand sanitizers will be donated,which will be used to combat the novel coronavirus.

São Paulo, May 26, 2020 – Marfrig, one of the world’s leading beef producers and the world’s largest beef patty producers, donated during May some 26,500 bottles of 70% hand sanitizers to 27 charitable institutions and hospitals in the 13 cities where the company operates in Brazil.

Made by the company at its unit in Promissão, São Paulo, which has monthly production capacity of 10 tons of hand sanitizers, the product also was distributed to Marfrig’s 18,000 employees nationwide.

United in the fight against coronavirus
The production, distribution and donation of hand sanitizers is one of the measures taken by Marfrig to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Marfrig also announced the donation of R$7.5 million to the Ministry of Health to purchase 100,000 rapid tests for diagnosing the novel coronavirus and donated R$1 million to the Association and Fraternity of Saint Francis of Assisi in the Providence of God, which is managed by the Franciscan order. Since 2019, the organization has operated the Pope Francis Hospital Ship, which provides healthcare services to more than 1,000 riverbank communities in the states of Pará and Amazonas.

In Uruguay, one of the countries in South America where the company has plants, Marfrig is donating 48,000 cans of beef to the Ministry of Social Development, which will use the product to supplement the emergency baskets distributed to families in vulnerable situations. For the next two months, every week, Marfrig also will distribute 3,500 meals made from beef in the cities where it operates: Fray Bentos, Salto, San Jose, Tacuarembó and Tariras. Marfrig has also created a donation fund at each of its plants in Uruguay. The funds will concentrate the weekly donations from suppliers to the Covid-19 Solidarity Fund, an initiative by the Uruguayan government to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.