Marfrig donates R$7.5 million to buy Covid-19 tests

The amount will be donated to the Ministry of Health for purchasing rapid tests for diagnosing the disease

São Paulo, March 23, 2020 – Marfrig Global Foods, one of the world’s leading beef producers and the world’s largest beef patty producers, announced the donation of R$7.5 million to Brazil’s Ministry of Health. The amount will be used to purchase rapid tests for diagnose the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

On March 22, Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta said that the government would try to form partnerships with the private sector to finance part of the acquisitions of kits. Marfrig’s donations is enough to buy 100,000 tests. “We hope that our initiative is followed by other Brazilian companies,” said Marcos Molina dos Santos, Marfrig’s founder and chairman of the board. “The moment calls for unity and solidarity.”

On Saturday, March 21, Marfrig informed its stakeholders that it would keep operating all of its plants in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and the United States, which are producing at full capacity. On March 22, Brazil’s government declared that food production – including animal protein – is an essential activity for public safety. In addition to supplying the domestic markets of the countries in which it operates, Marfrig exports to around 100 countries. Export operations also will be maintained.

“We pledged a commitment to Brazil, to our clients, to our employees and to our consumers. We will keep working, while stringently following all protocols created by the health authorities of the countries where Marfrig operates,” said Miguel Gularte, CEO of Marfrig’s South America operation and of Marfrig S.A. “Everyone’s safety and well-being – especially of our 30,000 employees and their families – is our top priority.”