Marfrig launches support program for small restaurant and cafeteria partners all over Brazil

  • Company will extend invoice payment terms and increase purchase limits for regular clients in the food service segment during the economic recovery process
  • Investments in the program should reach R$50 million

São Paulo, July 7, 2020 -  Marfrig, the world’s leading producer of beef patties and the second largest producer of beef, today launches the #TMJMarfrig program to support more than 5,000 micro and small food service businesses across Brazil, which include bars, restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries and steakhouses. The sector was severely affected by the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and is now resuming activities at some of Brazil’s largest cities, such as São Paulo, where the opening of such establishments to the public is scheduled for this week.

A recent survey conducted by the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel) among 1,558 owners of such establishments across Brazil revealed that the delivery model was the only option for 55% of them to continue operating. Nevertheless, revenues dropped by over 75% for 64% of the businesses in the sector. Of those surveyed, 62% are finding it difficult to replenish stocks for reopening their businesses and 40% have less than a month’s projection about the future of their business. 

More time and more credit

Marfrig will invest about R$50 million in this program to extend the due dates of invoices and increase, by up to three times, the credit limit for purchases by partner clients. There is no single rule about how the program will be applied. Payment terms and amounts will be negotiated individually according to the client's relationship with the company.

"Small establishments are suffering tremendously during this pandemic period and we want to help them get some financial breather during this difficult moment to help them resume operations. Embracing the client is in Marfrig's DNA", says Marcelo Proença, director of food service director at Marfrig.

The #TMJMarfrig program is open to clients with a regular payment history and business relationship with the company in the ten months prior to the start of the pandemic. Those who are interested must contact the Company’s food service department.