Marfrig makes first shipment of plant-based burgers to Europe

Revolution Marfrig, the company’s brand, will reach the European market in July.
Goal is to offer options to meet the needs of consumers’ different eating habits.

São Paulo, July 1, 2020 – Marfrig, the world’s largest beef patty producer and one of the largest beef producers, made yesterday (30) its first shipment of its Revolution brand plant-based burgers to the Netherlands. The container is departing from the Port of Santos, in São Paulo, and will arrive by late July in Amsterdam, one of the main entry points for products into Europe.

The market for plant-based products is currently one of the food industry’s most promising. Forbes data show that the number of vegetarians in the United States – the world’s largest market – has grown by 600% over the last three years. In Brazil, the number of consumers choosing nutritious plant-based products that are high in fiber and free of lactose and of artificial colorings and flavorings reached nearly 30 million, according to Ibope data.

The brand Revolution Marfrig was launched in December 2019. At first, the products in the line were distributed to chains in the food service channel. The initiative is part of Marfrig’s strategy to expand its portfolio of innovative products, made based on the latest technology available in the market and with excellent prospects for higher consumption in all age brackets.