ADM, Burger King® and Marfrig announce donation of 575,000 plant-based burgers

Companies joined hands to feed thousands of Brazilians in socially vulnerable situations and health professionals on the front line against the COVID-19 pandemic

São Paulo, June 2020 – Three food majors - ADM, Burger King® and Marfrig – have announced the donation of over half a million plant-based burgers to projects run by non-governmental entities that assist people in socially vulnerable situations and health professionals. The products were delivered to the NGO Rio da Paz, the São Paulo Food Bank and SESC Mesa Brasil in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which will be responsible for the distribution, ensuring that the food reaches those that most need it.

ADM, Burger King and Marfrig joined hands once again, after the agreement signed last year to produce plant-based burgers, and decided to donate 575,000 burgers, weighing 66 tons, helping to reduce the impact of the crisis caused by the new coronavirus. The donation is aligned with the social commitment of the three companies, which have already been making donations in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The plant-based burgers were delivered frozen, in special packaging, starting from June 17, at the locations indicated by the entities benefited, and will reach the tables of over 320,000 people.

 “We at ADM believe that access to nutrition has the power to resolve many of the world’s challenges. That’s why, we are proud to contribute at such a delicate moment such as now; after all, our commitment is to people and the communities where we operate. This alliance between the companies demonstrates this social role,” said Roberto Ciciliano, CEO of ADM Nutrition for Latin America.   

 “We believe we have an important role to play at this moment, which is why we decided together with our partners to make such a sizeable donation. Ever since the pandemic was confirmed, our chain has donated over 80 tons of food. We understand that our role in the food cycle also involves helping those are most in need right now, besides focusing on the safety of our employees and consumers,” said Iuri Miranda, CEO of BK Brazil.

 “We know that this is an extremely challenging moment, but we reaffirm our commitment to Brazil, our clients, employees and consumers to not only feed the world, but also take a position of solidarity. The pandemic is an unprecedented situation that challenges all of us. And it will be best faced with unity and solidarity,” said Miguel Gularte, CEO of Marfrig.

Each of the companies, within its area of operations, contributes to the production of plant-based burgers. ADM provided a solution with the best combination of ingredients and natural flavors, Marfrig was responsible for producing the Rebel Whopper® burgers based on a recipe developed for Burger King®, which is sold in its restaurant chain.