Marfrig will test all its 18,000 employees in Brazil for covid-19

  • New coronavirus testing program will begin on June 2 at the Várzea Grande unit in Mato Grosso
  • Action is part of the company’s strategy to ensure the health and safety of its employees and officialized in a Conduct Adjustment Agreement (TAC) signed with Brazil’s Federal Labor Prosecution Office

São Paulo, June 1, 2020 – Starting tomorrow (June 2), Marfrig, one of the world’s leading beef producers and the largest producer of beef patties, will launch a program to test all its 18,000 employees in Brazil. The goal is to identify employees who had contact with the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and, based on the data collected, take further preventive measures at its production units.

This way, Marfrig will further increase the efficiency of the preventive measures taken by it since the onset of the crisis. The Várzea Grande unit in Mato Grosso, which has 3,000 employees, will be the first to be tested under this program.

The testing of Marfrig employees working at the other 11 units in Brazil will follow a timetable established by the company. Testing all the company employees in Brazil was officialized under a Conduct Adjustment Agreement (TAC) entered into between Marfrig and Brazil’s Federal Labor Prosecution Office.

Preventive Measures
In March, as the COVID-19 pandemic started advancing across Brazil, Marfrig adopted all the protocols recommended by health authorities. All employees started following the physical distancing rules. Employees classified in risk groups were immediately placed on leave, and so were professionals with flu symptoms. Before the start of shifts at all units, employees have their body temperature measured, and the use of individual protective equipment, such as masks, became mandatory. All the facilities and employee uniforms are cleaned and disinfected periodically. Approximately 10 tons of hand sanitizer are being distributed every month for cleaning the plants and for the personal hygiene of employees and their families.