Marfrig Beef maintains lasting relationships with the cattle producers and other business partners that help it put food on consumers' tables. These relationships are based on transparency and the high quality of the meat and cuts, which is recognized by prominent restaurants.

In addition to serving the domestic market, Marfrig's units are certified to export to countries in the Americas, Asia, Middle East, European Union and other markets with which Brazil maintains trade agreements.



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Alegrete (RS)

Tel: +55 (55) 3421-8900


Bagé (RS)

Tel: +55 (53) 3240-5700


Bataguassu (MS)

Tel: +55 (67) 3541-4400


Chupinguaia (RO)

Tel: +55 (69) 3346-1800


Mineiros (GO)

Tel: +55 (64) 3672-7300


Pontes e Lacerda (MT)

Tel: +55 (65) 9 9640-6338


Promissão (SP)

Tel: +55 (14) 3543-9292


São Gabriel (RS)

Tel: +55 (55) 3237-2900


Tangará da Serra (MT)

Tel: +55 (65) 3311-3800


Várzea Grande (MT)

Tel: +55 (65) 4009-5200