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National Beef

In 2018, Marfrig acquired a controlling interest in National Beef, the fourth largest beef processor in the United States. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the company has two processing unit that account for around 13% of total U.S. primary processing capacity.

National Beef has primary processing capacity of 12,000 head of cattle/day. The company processes and markets fresh beef, beef- and pork-based ready-to-eat meals, beef by-products and leather to the domestic and international markets.

It also maintains a strong and long-term relationship with cattle producers through programs and associations. Some 25% of its primary processing capacity is served by partner producers who participate in these programs.

Its products serve large food service chains and also are sold in supermarkets to end consumers, with all products recognized for their premium quality, which are the result of rigorous processes that comply with environmental and animal welfare standards.

For more information on National Beef, visit its websiteand Facebook and Linkedin pages.