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Keystone is one of the largest international suppliers of industrialized foods to large restaurant and retail chains. The company operates 19 production units in the United States, China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Australia. Together, these units have the capacity to process up to 250 million birds and manufacture 580 thousand tons of food annually, enough to serve a customer base people, including restaurant and fast food service chains, such as McDonald's, Subway, Wendys, Iceland Foods Campbell's.

Founded in 1960 and acquired by Marfrig Global Foods in 2010, innovation has always been found in the company's DNA. In the 1970s, it developed the cryogenic freezing technique, prolonging expiration dates, since it maintains the food's original texture and nutrients. It was also responsible for creating chicken nuggets and boneless shaped fillets, formats already used on a large scale by restaurants and frozen food lines.

Focusing on innovation, Keystone has maintained three research center developing new products, new processes and new technologies aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

To strengthen its operations in Asia and the Middle East, where the company serves over 4,000 restaurants, two joint ventures were created in China in 2011: one with COFCO, a Chinese government food company, and another with Chinwhiz Poultry Vertical Integration.


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